Frequently asked questions


• Is a 3cap ring comfortable to wear?

Yes! It actually is very comfortable on the fingers and not as restricting at all, as it may appear.

• How long does shipping takes?

Between 1 to 3 days within USA and about 10 to 12 business days for international orders. 

• I only know my ring size in my country's system of measurement. How can I convert it to US sizing?

No problem! Click this LINK and look for your country at the top then correspond it to the US size system

• How can find out my ring size?

You will find all the info you need HERE

• What is your return policy?

View all the details HERE

• What does "Flexibility" means for the men's rings?

Depending on the wire gauge I used to make the men's band, some rings are more flexible than others. "Medium-high" means a more flexible feel, and "Medium-low" being a tougher band, less flexible. It all depends on how the wearer prefers to wear the ring. If dexterity is key for selecting a ring, then "Medium-high flexibility" is recommended (computer work, writing ect..). If a person is most likely to wear the ring while performing heavy-duty tasks, lifting or construction related work, then the "Medium-low flexibility" would be best suited.

• Will the ring leave a mark or stain my fingers?

No, it shouldn't. The metal I use for the rings is only made with the highest quality .925 Sterling Silver and fine Silver, therefore no stain on skin contact should occur especially if you keep care of your ring such as avoiding chlorinated waters, perfumes and lotions or contact with metallic items (keys, coins ect..)

• My ring turned black after a dip in a jacuzzi, what should I do to restores it silver color?

Add boiling water and baking soda to a bowl layered with aluminum foil. Remove after 1-3 minutes, rinse under cool water and rub dry with a soft cloth. This process causes a chemical reaction that removes tarnish from the silver within second or minutes.

• How do you acquire the gems used for the rings?

I take a once-a-year trip to the Arizona Gem Show and hunt for all the stones I need to create with. I get to hand select each one and often meet the owner of the mine where they were found. I love it!

• How do you make the rings?

Well, it's a process! A combination of different operations transforming raw materials into a finished piece.
Duties involved are measuring/cutting/filling/hammering/soldering/setting/polishing with many other steps in between.

• What about Gold Plated rings, do you still make them?

Yes I do! I found a new facility that plates the rings in a beautiful gold color. The only difference is that the production happens in small batches within a time frame specified on the ring page. All gold-plated rings must pre-ordered.

New: the next level Gold 3cap is here too. It’s called a Two-Tone: bottom is made of Sterling Silver while the caps are solid 14k Gold. Available in various options.

All 14k Gold is also available now :) Yellow gold only.

•There is a ring that I love under "Women"section of your website. It is a one-of-a-kind and unfortunately isn't in my size. Are you able to re-create it in a different size so I may purchase it? 

Although most of the rings on the new website do not offer a range of size to choose from, I would recommend sending me an email with the ring of your choice so I can see if re-creating it in your size would be a possible option.

 • My ring size is not on the website size chart. Can I have a Pure1 made custom for me? 

Yes definitely, and there is no extra charge for it. Please email your size request at and I will complete your order. 

• I saw on Valou3cap Instagram, a ring made with ashes from a loved one. Would you consider creating a pendant for my me if I sent you ashes from a family member that passed away?

Absolutely it would be my honor to make this for you. I treat these requests very seriously and even do a little ceremony when embedding the ashes into a piece. I would need a very tiny amount of ashes, a picture of your loved one for transferring the energy and a few words you would like to have engraved in the back, if the design allows it. Pendants are a great way to keep loved ones close to your heart.