Diamond-Back Rattlesnake

men's ring nature-made one-of-a-kind snake

Over the summer, a neighbor knocked on my door with a sad but beautiful road kill. It was a Rattlesnake, Diamond-Back to be exact, of about 3 feet long.

I accepted the Divine gift from Nature and decided to honor its life and beauty by encasing the skin into a ring.

After a month of treating the skin in a mixture of glycerin and alcohol, the skin was ready for use.

Any other piece created with snake-skin prior to that day, was purchased from a leather store in LA.

This time, it is my very first rattlesnake piece made from a snake that I skinned myself, and I feel a new energy from salvaging its unfortunate destiny.




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  • David Buendia en

    can you still make the snake one but in a size 9 mens?

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