A Golden experiment

pure1 solid gold women

After decades of working with my favorite metal, Sterling Silver…I finally decided to put a small investment into gold and see for myself the many ways these two metals differentiate.

First of all, the hardness. 
I never realized how much the alloys added to 24K gold in fact made the metal stiffer and harder the lower the karat.

I really like the color 14K has. I have worked with a Goldplater in the past for the rings and I always loved the warm light gold tone 14K has…so this is what I chose to test myself with.

I sourced out the gold wire and created the caps from casting grains which were melted and forged into Pure1 cap sizes (so much shoulder action resulting in back soreness for dayyyys!)

14k gold can be tough to manipulate!

The final process is polishing with a buffing wheel once the whole ring is soldered together. This moment couldn’t be more gratifying after the weeks spent figuring out this new metal and learning from my own mistakes.

I was mesmerized by its beauty and immaculate shine! How beautiful this really turned out!

I can’t wait to show you guys 😍


::: Update ::::

The new collection is now available for purchase. Handmade to order.

Take a look here

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