Handmade by Valou in California :::
Handmade by Valou in California :::
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Blue Star ~ Opal ~ Moonstone X4 - Valou ::: Home of the Original 3cap ring design :::

Blue Star ~ Opal ~ Moonstone X4

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• Metal: .925 Sterling Silver 

• US Ring Size: 11

• Cap Size: 4+5mm rounds / 4x6mm + 4x7mm ovals

• Minerals: Australian Opal, Rainbow Moonstones (India), Blue Star Diopside (India)


Opal: The 'Stone of Inspiration'. This stone enhances imagination and creativity. Because of its significant water content, opal is strongly connected to the element of water. In this way it is connected to emotions and feelings. A good dream enhancer. 
Moonstone : Long regarded as the gemstone for psychic abilities, Moonstone encourages communication by promoting clear thinking, inspiration and receptivity. It enhances the wearer's intuition and encourages the wisdom and patience to trust Divine timing. Excellent stone to help calm and balance emotions, it is said to provide seduction powers to mankind.
Star Diopside is thought to re-energise the body, the soul and the mind. Its strong magnetic force is believed to aid physical healing and is said to be most efficient when held close against the skin of an injured area.

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