Iolite Amethyst CZ Y3

Iolite Amethyst CZ Y3

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• Metal: .925 Sterling Silver

• US Ring Size: 6

• Style: Women

• Cap Size: 5+6+8mm

• Minerals: Amethyst (Namibia), Iolite (Sri Lanka) and lilac Cubic Zirconia crystal


Amethyst: Considered a strong antidote to drunkenness by the Ancient Greeks (amethystos meaning 'not drunken'), many ancient wine goblets were carved from it. It is a highly meditative and calming stone that increases intuition and psychic powers. It is efficiently used against certain addictions. 
Iolite: Known as the gemstone of clear vision, Iolite helps clearing the thought process and strengthen the wearer's intuition. Some metaphysical beliefs suggest the gemstone can guide the lost home as well as the ability to open spiritual pathways that connect the living with the ancestors.

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