Opal Labradorite Amethyst Y3

Opal Labradorite Amethyst Y3

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• Metal: .925 Sterling Silver

• US Ring Size: 11

• Style: Women

• Cap Size: 5mm + 6mm + 8x15mm long

• Mineral: Labradorite (Madagascar), Boulder Opal (Australia) and Amethyst (Namibia)


Labradorite: The 'Stone of Magic'. This stone may magically clear away obstacles, protect and bring balance and clarity. It is used to recall dreams and past lives. Crystal healers use it to address eye problems and enhance digestion and metabolism. 

Opal: The 'Stone of Inspiration'. This stone enhances imagination and creativity. Because of its significant water content, opal is strongly connected to the element of water. In this way it is connected to emotions and feelings. A good dream enhancer. 
Amethyst: Considered a strong antidote to drunkenness by the Ancient Greeks (amethystos meaning 'not drunken'), many ancient wine goblets were carved from it. It is a highly meditative and calming stone that increases intuition and psychic powers. It is efficiently used against certain addictions. 

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